Ticket to Ride Europe – 15th Anniversary

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    Ticket to Ride: Europe – 15th Anniversary contains material from the Ticket to Ride: Europe base game and the Europa 1912 expansion for a total of 108 destination ticket cards.

    In Ticket to Ride: Europe, you collect cards of various types of train cars that you then use to claim railway routes in Europe. The longer the routes, the more points you earn! If you fulfill destination tickets — goal cards that connect distant cities — then you receive bonus points at the end of the game; fail to connect the cities on your tickets with rail routes, and you lose those points instead.


    1 Giant Board map of European train routes with all new illustrations

    5 Tin Boxes, each with 45 finely sculpted wagon cars

    15 Colored Train Stations

    5 Scoring Markers

    1 Rules booklet

    110 Train Car Cards

    All 108 Destination Ticket Cards published to date

    1 European Express Bonus Card

    1 Big Cities Reference Card

    Game Information

    2-5 Players

    Age 8+

    30-60 minutes

    - $160.00

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